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Blomour celebrates blossom, love and respect for nature.

The ethos of Blomour is to elevate the boundless splendor of natural materials, using concepts and design elements to draw attention to nature as an inspiring model, accentuating contrasting colors, textures, and materials.


Leveraging a background in design and architecture, which form the professional bedrock of Blomour's founder, the shop/studio expertly embodies the fusion of design and flora. We achieve this through our meticulous curation of products and services, with a dedicated focus on embracing a diverse range of colors and shapes.

Harmonizing design with the perfection of nature.

Continually inspired by the imperfections of wildflowers and the earth's natural colors, every decision is made with a commitment to safeguarding and honoring the health of our planet and its biodiversity.

Blomour revolves around the realm of plants and flowers, infused with artistry. Nature serves as our guiding inspiration, with installations and design elements as the means to bestow upon it a harmonious essence.

Blomour places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethics without compromising style and artistry. It firmly believes that these choices can have a positive impact on both the business and the industry.

Nature envelops us in perpetual wonder, and our commitment is to honor it by prioritizing indigenous and local flora, in harmony with its natural rhythms.


Concept Store

Blomour Shop is a sanctuary for those seeking a profound connection with nature through an exclusive array of flora-centric products. We offer ever-changing floral compositions that align with the seasons, meticulously considering colors and textures. Our selection includes a diverse range of plants, including cacti, indoor varieties, and terrariums.

In addition to our botanical offerings, we showcase a variety of vases, both pre-designed and made-to-order by selected artists, along with collections crafted directly by Blomour Studio. This supports our commitment to sustainable design in harmony with the environment.

Our space is not just a shop but a haven for immersive experiences. It's a place where you can partake in events that delve into the realms of botany and art, allowing you to feel the vibrant energy of nature while immersing yourself in the world of design.

Online Shop

The shop section offers a seamless online shopping experience, where you can:

▪️ Order floral compositions for pickup or delivery, including contract flowers, with delivery services available in Taranto and its surrounding areas.
▪️ Explore a curated selection of vases designed by renowned artists and collections crafted by Blomour Studio, all available for worldwide shipping.
▪️ Reserve your spot for events and workshops, such as terrarium workshops and more.
▪️ Discover an array of products, including photos, books, and nature-inspired accessories sourced from around the globe, all available for international shipping.

Set-Design & Botanical Installations

Blomour is a comprehensive design studio that integrates nature with events through the medium of plants and flowers, conceptualizing their setup and installation. We embrace every opportunity to meaningfully engage and connect through the eloquent language of plants and flowers.

Contract Flowers (House Account/Commercial space)

Discover our diverse range of subscription options for regular flower arrangement deliveries to homes, offices, businesses, restaurants, and hotels. Choose from a carefully curated selection of seasonal flowers to enhance your spaces and bring the essence of all four seasons indoors. Gain exclusive access to our collection of vessels and stylish décor objects for your premises, with the flexibility to select vases that perfectly complement your environment.

Collaborations & Editorial

Art direction and creative consultation services for a wide range of projects, including editorial and styled photo shoots, brand campaigns, product development, content production, and corporate gifting.

Plant Styling

Consulting, developing, and executing indoor plant styling schemes for both residences and commercial establishments. Our expertise includes carefully selecting plants and planters that harmonize with spatial and lighting conditions, as well as the unique nuances of the interior design and finishes. Our solutions are designed to create sustainable green oases, enhancing the well-being, productivity, and aesthetic appeal of living and working environments

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Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 24 

74023 / Grottaglie (TA)




+39 391 73 96 893



Opening Hours


By Appointment








*Visit By Appointment only​.

Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 24 / 74023 / Grottaglie (TA)



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