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Blomour is a creative studio specializing in botanical design.

At Blomour, we manipulate natural materials to integrate and restore nature into evolving lifestyles and urban environments. Our projects showcase the potent potential of our planet's materials, spanning creative direction, concept design, strategy, content development, scenography, and set design for editorials, events, and large-scale installations.

Infusing nature within, we meticulously refine design principles, harmonizing form, volume, color, line, and texture to evoke a profound emotional connection. This synthesis of contemporary language with a penchant for the unusual, the wild, and the unrestrained is our unique signature.

Founded by Fausta Bonfrate after more than a decade of experience in architectural firms and creative companies, Blomour Studio represents an elegant fusion of design and botany. Fausta's affinity for organic architecture becomes the lifeblood of a project dedicated to blooming, capturing the essence of life in all its forms. The synergy between botany and design, along with a profound reverence for nature, forms the core of the studio's identity.

Blomour embraces sustainability and ethics as foundational values. These principles shape a life philosophy guiding our studio and design practices, driving innovation, education, and setting an industry example. Our commitment to conscious design includes material reuse, upcycling, and redistribution, with responsible waste management integral to minimizing our environmental footprint. Eliminating single-use plastics and adopting eco-friendly techniques (no foam) further showcase our dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

Blomour is based in Puglia but works globally.

Welcome to Blomour.


Botanical Installations

Blomour is a design studio that specializes in integrating nature into diverse settings. From window displays to enhancing the ambiance of events, and designing set design areas, we transform spaces. Whether for commercial ventures, public spaces, private events, or corporate environments, Blomour brings a natural touch to elevate the aesthetics of any setting.


Blomour provides art direction and creative consultancy services tailored to enhance various aspects of brand aesthetics with natural elements. Our expertise includes crafting visual identities, designing concepts, and creating set designs for photography shoots. We also specialize in incorporating artistic botanical elements into interior design projects and fashion narratives. The studio brings a distinctive combination of creativity and strategic vision to each project with a botanical touch.

Corporate Events & Wedding

Blomour specializes in curating both corporate and personal events, with a dedicated focus on crafting environments inspired by the harmony of design and nature. Our services encompass a wide range of occasions, from small-scale to large-scale events, including floral design for intimate dinners, grand openings, shows, and spectacles of various sizes.

The studio introduces a contemporary aesthetic to every event by exploring innovative concepts and transforming spaces, creating immersive experiences. Through the use of wild floral arrangements and contemporary design elements, we meticulously tailor the ambiance to align with your vision. This involves a harmonious blend of design principles, botanic inspiration, and contemporary style.

Plant Styling

Consulting, developing, and executing indoor plant styling schemes for both residences and commercial establishments, our service involves carefully selecting plants and planters that harmonize with spatial and lighting conditions, as well as the unique nuances of interior design and finishes. Our solutions are crafted to create sustainable green oases, enhancing the well-being, productivity, and aesthetic appeal of living and working environments.

Business Service

Creating impactful flower arrangements tailored for Masserie and local businesses across Puglia, versatile options are provided for both weekly and fortnightly delivery schedules. Meticulously designed to complement each brand, venue, and aesthetic, our flowers ensure high-quality service with attention to detail. Subscription plans are available for regular flower arrangement deliveries to homes, offices, businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Blomour Objects (Objects with a Botanical Touch)

Celebrating Estate, Autunno, Inverno, and Primavera with Objects.

The Object collection encapsulates the essence of each season, reflecting colors, textures, emotions, and seasonal lifestyles. Fostering a deep connection with nature, we embrace the distinct characteristics of each season in our objects, allowing you to experience the unique beauty of nature year-round.

Understanding the importance of ecosystems and evolving seasons, we highlight the beauty and biodiversity of nature in our selection of objects. This commitment encourages attention to the Earth's natural rhythm. Blomour's dedication to seasonal awareness reflects our commitment to showcasing botanical aesthetics and promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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*Visit By Appointment only​



Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 24 

74023 / Grottaglie (TA)




+39 391 73 96 893



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