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Blomour celebrates blossom, love and respect for nature.

The ethos of Blomour is to enhance the infinite glory of living materials, through notions and design elements, to attract the eye to nature as a model to aspire, highlighting contrasting colors, textures and materials.

With a background in design and architecture, which are the professional foundations of the founder of Blomour, the shop/studio translates the perfect match between design and flora by offering selected vases and combinations of flowers and plants with particular attention to the multiplicity of colors.

Matching the perfection of nature with the rough hand of the craftsman to give harmony.

Constantly inspired by the imperfection of wild flowers and the colors that the earth offers us, each choice is considered in order to help protect and respect the health of the Earth and biodiversity.

Blomour gravitates around the world of plants and flowers through art. Nature as a model to aspire to, installation and design elements as the tools to give it harmony.

Blomour places a high focus on being as sustainable and ethical as it can, without compromising on style, and artistry and it strongly believes that this choices can lead to positive effects for the business and the industry.

Nature surrounds us with continuous wonders and we want to respect it by preferring spontaneous varieties and local flora to respect its rhythms.

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Concept Store

Blomour Shop is a space where you can connect with Nature through products related exclusively to the world of flora (Nature).
Available, according to the season, always different floral compositions with consideration of colors and textures. Variety of plants such as cacti, indoor plants and terrariums.
A variety of vases on display and made to order by selected artists and collections designed directly by Blomour Studio to support sustainable design in harmony with the environment.
A place where enjoying events to learn and discover more about he world of botany and art, where you can feel the vibrations of nature and immerse yourself in design and nature .

Online Shop

In the shop section of it is possible to buy online:
- Floral compositions with the delivery service on Taranto and its surroundings.
- Vases by selected artists and the collections designed by Blomour Studio (We ship worldwide)

Click & Collect

Click & Collect is a service that allows you to purchase the floral arrangements available, and collect them directly from the Blomour Shop.

Set-Design & Botanical Installations

Blomour is a full-service design studio that involves and connects nature and events through the language of plants and flowers, designing their set-up and installation. Relishing every opportunity to engage and connect meaningfully through the language of plants and flowers.

Contract Flowers (House Account/Commercial space)

Multiple subscription options for periodic delivery of flower arrangements to homes, offices, businesses, restaurants and hotels. A selection of seasonal flowers to set up spaces and recreate the transition of the four seasons, exclusive access to the collection of vessels and styling objects for premises. with the possibility of choosing vases to match the environment.

Collaborations & Editorial

Art direction and creative consultation for editorial and styled shoots, brand campaigns, product development, content production and corporate gifting.

Plant Styling

Consult, develop and implement indoor plant styling schemes for residences and establishments, selecting plants and planters to suit spatial and lighting conditions, as well as the nuances of it's interior design and finishes. Solutions to create sustainable green oases, which improve the well-being, productivity and aesthetic impact of living and working environments.





Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 24 

74023 / Grottaglie (TA)



+39 391 73 96 893




By Appointment








*Appointments recommended

Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 24 / 74023 / Grottaglie (TA)


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