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Ceramic Santa Apulian Madonna


The project, born from the ingenuity of Blomour Studio, draws inspiration from the majestic glass cases adorned with sacred representations that once graced the Puglian farmhouses. This creation now presents itself in the form of a self-sustaining terrarium, bearing the evocative name "Apulian Terrarium."

This remarkable botanical work of art is composed of a ceramic base, finely turned by skilled local artisans from Grottaglie, handcrafted and adorned with exclusive native plants from Puglia.

The effigy of the Madonna residing within is that of a Black Madonna, a symbol that inspired the founder of Blomour many years ago, evoking the mystery and charm of the Madonna of Loreto. This representation of the Black Madonna embodies the ideal of diversity and unity in its extraordinary beauty, emphasizing how we can find inspiration in the richness of our differences and celebrate the mental and cultural openness that enriches our humanity.

This masterpiece, once confined within glass cases similar to those that once adorned the homes of our ancestors in the farmhouses, now flourishes in a self-sustaining tropical microcosm. Its abode is a ceramic base with impeccable design, reconciling the ancient with the contemporary, carrying the past into the present with timeless grace.



Blomour Studio


Height: 35 cm
Width: 20x20 cm



Terrarium + Clay + Glass



Glaze available for the ceramic base: Matte Black, Glossy Black, Matte White, Glossy White.



Products available by order, with collection at Blomour Studio in Grottaglie.

Please note production time may take up to 21 days.






All prices are recommended retail prices in Euros (€) and include VAT.


As ceramics are handmade, every object is unique and slightly different. Some of images might appear subtly different to the products they depict.
Colour reproduction can also vary from device to device.

Ceramic Santa Apulian Madonna

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